Elementary Physical Education Unit Plan

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The Elementary Physical Education Unit Plan I’ve created is one of my best projects I believe I’ve created over the course of my educational experience.  This project is connected to my Physical Education coursework because it allowed to me compile all the skills I’ve learned throughout my courses and apply them into one comprehensive project.  My unit contains my elementary physical education personal philosophy, the NASPE standards, a number of lesson plans for grades 3-5, and unit assessments all that I’ve created.

The unit I’ve created addresses many of the Minnesota Standards of Effective Practice for Teachers.  It addresses Standard 1, which discusses subject matter.  In order to fully teach a successful unit, a professional needs to understand the central concepts of the content area as well as the misconceptions and debates associated with that area.  Evaluating the resources and curriculum materials is essential in order to plan out a unit that is going to be effective for the learners.  The students need to be challenged and engaged into the material in order to understand the concepts in the content area.

In order to create an effective lesson plan on a daily basis, I need to understand how the students learn information and the stages at which they are developing. This addresses Standard 2. Providing a number of opportunities throughout the unit for the student’s development is essential for student learning. Knowing how the students actually learn and how they internalize their knowledge helps to create beneficial experiences for the students to learn.  Students also need to be challenged and face errors in order to learn from their mistakes and this unit allows for many challenges to overcome.

In the unit I’ve created I used multiple instructional standards, which addresses Standard 4.  Students need to be challenged throughout the unit through problem-solving activities and cooperative games.   Adapting to change in the classroom and throughout the unit allowed me to demonstrate the flexibility I own as a instructor and help to foster the student’s responses and needs. Also, varying the instructional strategies allows me to achieve different instructional purposes and to meet students who are at different stages in their development.  I want my students to be active learners and to be responsible for identifying and using learning resources.

Standard 5 discusses how individual and group motivation and behavior can help to create various learning environments.  Having students work in groups and to learn to understand various groups help them to understand different environments and better themselves. Students are faced with the challenge throughout this unit to work cooperatively and productively in complex social settings. Working cooperatively with peers helps to promote learning in other ways than through instruction. I want all of my students to participate in all the organized activities and learn from working individually and through group participation.

In order to create assessments and test the students, a teacher needs to be able to understand the theory of the content area and help students to meet the curriculum goals. Standard 7 addresses how a teacher should help to create plans, both short and long term, that help to guide the student’s needs and performance. Implementing learning experiences that are relevant to the students helps the process of planning and guides a teacher to know what the students need to know.  Throughout my unit, I had a program that I wanted my student’s to know and understand by the completion of the year.  By planning the entire year coursework, it allowed me to track whether my goals were being completed or not.

This project allowed me to gather all of the skills I’ve learned throughout my educational process in both Physical Education and Health Education and apply them into this year plan.  I feel very confident that this project is very accurate and overall effective.  I would spend a little more time on the assessment portion of the assignment if I were to be able to modify it.  Checking for student’s knowledge throughout the course of the unit is essential to understand what they know and what they need to know still.

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